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Keep-it Fresh™ Maintenance Packages

Web technologies continue to evolve and there's really no way to keep up with all the newest trends. Keeping your website fresh and new, having regular backups, and remaining secure can be time consuming and very tedious to say the least. Also, it takes you away from what you should be doing; building relationships, selling your products, and networking with your clients.

There are many reasons to have a Website Keep-it Fresh™ Package.

To help you choose why you need one from Print & Copy Factory, here are the our best 5:

  1. Sometimes doing it yourself wastes too much of your time
  2. A fast and easy way to keep your website current 
  3. First impressions are paramount
  4. Using our Keep-it Fresh™ package saves you money over time
  5. Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm*

*Google’s new mobile ranking factors will not only label your site as mobile-friendly, but will also use that to determine if your site should rank higher in the search results.

Select the best plan for you

Plan 1 - a la carte





Pay as you go – A la Carte Our clients who need limited and infrequent changes to their site, paying our standard $135 hourly rate may be the simplest and most efficient way of maintaining your site. You can submit your Website Work Order Tickets and we will get back to you with an estimate of the time and cost involved. You will be asked to approve the estimated project costs and arrange payment before work starts.

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Plan 2 - Monthly Maintenance




Monthly Maintenance We recommend a monthly maintenance plan for our clients who make changes to their sites on a set, recurring schedule (works great for e-blast or monthly website campaigns). For this plan, we reserve an allotment of support hours for your tasks each month. As needs arise, you can submit Website Work Order Tickets and the time required to complete tasks will be deducted from your monthly allotment. You will be invoiced on the 25th of each month and receive an e-mail reporting how many of your support hours were used that month. Hours billed at the following discounted Monthly Maintenance Rate must be set up on Auto-pay with a credit card do not roll over to the following month.

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  • 2 hrs/month @ ($125/hr) - $200 (gives you priority over "As Needed" client requests)

  • 5 hrs/month @ ($100/hr) - $650 (priority over "As Needed" client requests)

  • 10 hrs/month @ ($90/hr) - $850 (priority over "As Needed" client requests & all Website Work Order Tickets will be treated as URGENT with no additional rush fee)

Plan 3 - Flex Pass




Flex-Pass (Rollover hours) For our clients who are actively involved with their sites and anticipate making ongoing updates and changes, we recommend purchasing a Flex Pass of pre-paid support. Flex-Pass support hours are sold in blocks of time at the following discounted Monthly Maintenance Rate. Then, as needs arise, you simply submit Website Work Order Tickets with your requests. The time required to complete your requests will be deducted from your block of hours. Flex-Pass hours never expire, and your unused hours roll over from one month to the next. When your support block is depleted, we will contact you and replenish your Flex- Pass account (for whichever hour block amount you choose from below).

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  • 5 hrs @ ($135/hr) - $575

  • 10 hrs @ ($125/hr) - $785

  • 25 hrs @ ($100/hr) - $2000

  • 50 hrs @ ($90/hr) - $3250

NOTE: If you require additional time per month, call for a custom quote.